Emergency Sewing Kit



Product Details:

Be your own fashion savior with our 48-piece emergency sewing kit. This versatile set includes 6 colors of threads, scissors, a seam ripper, needles, safety pins in various sizes, a thimble, buttons, hooks and eyes, metal snap buttons, and needle threaders. Keep it all neatly organized in a cute tin inside your purse for quick fixes and clothing corrections.


  • Great for quick fixes and clothing corrections
  • 48 piece set
  • Contents include: An assortment of 6 colors of threads,1 pair of scissors, 1 seam ripper, 4 needles, 4 each of small, medium, and large safety pins, 1 thimble, 11 buttons, 5 sets of Hooks & Eyes, 5 metal snap buttons, and 2 needle threaders.
  • Made in the USA
Style #: CD134

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