What is an e-gift card?
An electronic gift card (e-gift card) is a digital gift card that is emailed directly to the gift recipient.

How do I redeem an e-Gift Card?
The recipient of an e-gift card can either print it out or present it on their smart phone at any Bellissima, Serena, Bellessa, or Estil location.

Is there an e-gift card purchase minimum?
Yes, there is a minimum purchase of $25.

Are there shipping charges on e-gift cards?
No, there are no shipping costs for sending an e-gift card.

How do I check the balance of my e-gift card?

You can check the balance at anytime online. To check your balance click here. You can also check your balance by calling 1-877-701-4550.

Do e-gift cards have an expiration date?
No, e-gift cards do not have an expiration date.

What happens if I lose my e-gift card?
Immediately report a lost or stolen card by calling 1-877-701-4550 or email info@buyatab.com. A new card will be reissued for the balance remaining in your account. The lost or stolen card will be cancelled.

I am having trouble purchasing an e-gift card online. Who can help me?
Please call customer support at 1-877-701-4550 or email info@buyatab.com

What if I want to return an item purchased with an e-gift card?
You can do an exchange for another item as long as it falls within the return / exchange policy. If you can not find another item for exchange, we will issue you store credit that can be used at another time.

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