Bellissima FAQ


Q.       I am confused, in BC your stores have the name Bellissima but I see that you are listed on google as Serena West/Bellissima.  Can you clarify the different names?

A.       For the past 40 years Bellissima Fashions and Serena West were known as sister companies defined by geography. In 2021, the companies separated to reflect the evolving needs of the audience. Bellissima Fashions is now a separate company from Serena West.

Bellissima Fashions oversees the 11 locations across AB, SK, MB and Kelowna. Serena West manages the 11 locations based in lower mainland and Vancouver Island.

Q.       If you are two separate companies, why are the stores in BC called Bellissima?

A.       I can appreciate how confusing this can be.  In 2022, Serena West can no longer use the name Bellissima Fashions and will be changing their signage accordingly.

Q.       If I have a Bellissima Fashions gift card – what stores can I use it in?

A.       You can use the Bellissima Fashions gift card at any of our locations in Kelowna, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  In addition, you can use the gift card on our website.  Gift cards never expire.

Q.       Can my BLISS loyalty points be transferred over to my Serena West account and vice versa?

A.       Unfortunately, as the two companies operate separate systems; we are unable to move loyalty points from Bellissima Fashions to Serena West and vice versa.

Q.       Does this mean that any specials, promotions or sales advertised with Serena Fashions will not be honored at Bellissima Fashions?

A.       You are correct.  As we are two separate companies, we have 2 separate management teams and systems in place.  The same is true if Bellissima Fashions has an event, promotion or sale – they are not honored in the Serena West Stores.

Q.       The Serena West website states that they are the online retailer for Bellissima.  Is this true?

A.       No.  Bellissima Fashions has its’ own dedicated website and fulfillment team.  You can reach us at or if you have questions; our ecommerce team is happy to answer your questions.  You can reach the team at  [email protected]